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New Study – How More than 650,000 Nevadans Would Change How They Work

By CNV Staff

Did you know: one out of three Nevada businesses allow their employees to telework? Only 16% of employed Nevadans work from a home office instead of commuting? Fewer than one in ten rural employees are teleworking? In fact, 342,000 employed Nevadans say that they would telework if their employer allowed them, and 316,000 Nevadans who do not work report they would enter the workforce if allowed to telework. 

This week, Connect Nevada released the report Teleworking and Broadband: Linking Nevadans to Jobs, which examines how both businesses and residents in the state use teleworking.

Among the findings from this report:

  • Across the state of Nevada, one-third of businesses allow employees to work from a home office. This equates to 20,000 businesses in the state that allow teleworking.
  • More than three out of five home-based businesses allow teleworking.
  • Approximately 16% of employed Nevadans (186,000 Nevadan adults) work from a home office instead of commuting.
  • Only 28% of rural businesses in Nevada allow teleworking, and only 9% of employed rural Nevadans are teleworkers.
  • Approximately 316,000 Nevadans who do not work report they would enter the workforce if allowed to telework.
  • Nevadan employees who work from a home office full-time on average each save an estimated $1,480 per year in travel expenses and prevent 6,070 lbs. of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere. This equates to a total savings by full-time teleworkers in Nevada of over $108 million and 440 million lbs. of CO2 emissions. This CO2 savings is more than the total annual household CO2 emissions estimated for Carson City, Nevada.
  • Full-time teleworkers in Nevada gain over 200 hours of time, or over 8 full days each year, by not commuting.

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