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Blog // Connect Nevada

Online Resources Take Stress Off Nevada Voters

By Jeremy Thacker

Living in a presidential battleground state, no doubt you’re feeling thankful that election time is finally here! Many of the ads and some of the election coverage we’ve been hammered with over the past few months can leave us with more questions than answers. But, never fear…

Nevada has a wealth of online resources available to help you cut to the source and make more informed decisions on Election Day!

Knowing where to vote is one of the biggest questions people have on Election Day. You can find out where to vote in Nevada on Tuesday, November 6th by visiting

For those wanting to be more informed about the upcoming election, check out ipl2’s long list of online resources for voters. The public service organization’s website includes dozens of links with information on where to vote, what to take to the polls, and state links that will lead you to a complete nonpartisan breakdown of all the candidates and state ballot initiatives.

If you have a smartphone, there are several apps that can make voting an easier experience. The Apple iTunes Store and the Android Apps Market both have entire sections of Election 2012 apps to choose from. You can choose to follow election coverage from your favorite news organizations as well as find out where to vote, and view the state ballot initiatives, etc. After you vote, the iPhone Poll Tracker app helps you keep track election results in real time!


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