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Blog // Connect Nevada

The Summit Series #4: Wired For Success - Nevada In Action

By Jeremy Thacker

Broadband is needed even in seemingly unrelated fields of the state’s industry sectors. That’s the a key point made by Work Force Training panelist Ryan Costella at Nevada’s first-ever broadband summit.

In this fourth installment of our 6-week blog series, Wired For Success: Nevada In Action, Costella demonstrates how high-speed Internet access and skills are critical to filling jobs in an area where there will soon be lots of openings.


“Our owners, we looked out into the next five, even ten years and realized that the Baby-boomer machinists are going to be retiring and we have this giant number of skilled workers that we need to somehow replace. And that doesn’t even account for the fact that we’re going to grow significantly in the next five years. And this is a problem that most manufacturers nationally are having as well with the Baby-boomers retiring. So, on the broadband side, I talked about the career pathways. Of course, you have your academic paths, which are fairly well established, and then there’s the nationally portable, industry-recognized, industry-valued credentials. These are granted at the national level. They’re very, very difficult – if someone receives an American Welding Society certificate or a National Institute of Metal Working Skills certificate, they know their stuff. And one of the ways – actually, one of the most common ways of actually administering the assessment to determine if the student, after going through the coursework, is worthy of receiving this credential – those assessments need to be delivered online and at computer centers across the state. You know, we can’t be expecting folks in the rural regions to trek it to Clark County or Washoe County, so it’s actually very fundamental that we have access to computers and the Internet and all the different things that each of these certification bodies require. Because, without it, we can't fill our jobs for the future, we can’t grow, and we can’t complete globally. So, we’re at the table and we’re not leaving.”

Connect Nevada’s latest research reveals 44% of Nevada residents use broadband for education and 45% use it to search for jobs.  That’s only the tip of the iceberg on the benefits broadband access and adoption can bring to our state. Learn more about the benefits of broadband and how people are using it in Nevada’s Residential Technology Assessment.

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