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WNDD/SET region Network Map now available

By Jeremy Thacker

From: Michael Guss, Western Nevada Development District Program Manager

The Network Map report for the WNDD/SET region is now available! The report was written by Juliet Fox and David Beurle.

This mapping exercise showed us where regional collaboration exists and where it could be improved upon. We hope that the SET Regional Team in the WNDD region will find this a useful tool to aid with the implementation of the SET Regional Blueprint.

The survey was sent to 185 people and 118 responses were received. This is a 67% response rate.

The survey was originally done for an eight county region that did not include Washoe County. Since the survey was conducted, WNDD has started the process of adding Washoe County and the cities of Reno and Sparks to the Development District. There were some Washoe County citizens, elected officials, economic development professionals, and business persons who were included in the survey originally, so Washoe County is included on some maps; but the report refers to an eight county region.

There are no names - only areas in which people work are attached to this report. This is done intentionally. The report is not about who knows who or a popularity contest, but an evaluation of the region's effectiveness at communication and collaboration. The recommendations included in the report do not identify specific individuals or entities. This is meant for us to be able to identify the types of organizations and behaviors associated with them that will foster regional collaboration and not to focus on individuals.

This report is public and may be shared freely. Thank you for your participation in the survey and SET Process. For those who would like to learn more about Network Mapping please visit:

Social Network Mapping--for future intelligence video produced by Future IQ Partners at the YouTube link below:

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