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Blog // Connect Nevada

Broadband Giant Taps Nevada for Job Openings!

By Jeremy Thacker

eCommerce giant has new jobs to fill and it's eyeing Nevada’s workforce to find the IT talent they need. Amazon has been getting a lot of press lately surrounding several of the company’s new projects like Streaming Video, Amazon Lockers, and Amazon Fresh. Headhunters plan to be in Nevada at the beginning of August to hold a hiring event. It's looking to fill several experienced software development roles and other positions throughout the company. Anyone interested in applying should fill out Amazon’s official form and email it, along with their resume, to: [email protected] In the meantime, for the very latest on...

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The Great Rural America Paradox

By Connected Nation

When you think of rural America, do you see scenic settings and strong communities that are growing because of the small town support structures of family, friends, and neighbors? Across our nation, people look to rural living as a throwback to simpler times, but unfortunately the idealized version of rural America that we've created in our minds is often quite different than the reality. Rural America is struggling economically, and in many places, stands on the wrong side of the digital divide. Bob Stallman, President of the American Farm Bureau and member of the Connected Nation board, has addressed the problem in a recent article he...

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