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Blog // Connect Nevada

The Summit Series #6: Wired For Success - Nevada In Action

By Jeremy Thacker


Nevada faces a number of broadband challenges that need to be addressed. The sometimes-astronomical cost of buying broadband service is a problem many rural residents and business owners face.

In this sixth final installment of our 6-blog series, Wired For Success: Nevada In Action, state broadband summit panelist Kevin Hayes explains how building a solid statewide infrastructure is the first huge step toward bringing the costs down and leveling the local broadband playing field.

 “What all of these grants do… what all of these projects will do is open up the competition to that and begin to solve that problem through that competition so that when I provide a broadband pipe to a community and NHA provides a broadband pipe to a community that’s already served by this incumbent carrier, no longer are your hands tied by whom you can order large bandwidth from. Once we solve the infrastructure problem, the ability for business to be able to access the broadband, to actually provide that to the end-user to the last mile, to the customers – the low-income customers, to the businesses, to the enterprise users, the school districts, it becomes a significantly easier proposition and one that is much more affordable – especially with the financial constraints of a rural community. .”

Connect Nevada research shows that roughly 15% of rural households across the state still do not have access to fixed broadband service. Check out the latest broadband availability maps for yourself and make sure to check back with often to stay up to date on this blog series and other state broadband news.

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