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Blog // Connect Nevada

The Summit Series #7: Wired For Success - Nevada In Action

By Jeremy Thacker

There is an old African proverb that says, "If you want to go quicklygo aloneIf you want to go far, go together.” Connect Nevada’s new “Connected” community certification program is designed to bring all of the state’s broadband achievers together to carry the impact of their work much farther AND faster than they could do it alone.

We just couldn't wrap up our Summit blog series without talking Connected! So, in this bonus (seventh!) installment of our 6-blog series, Wired For Success: Nevada In Action, Connected Nation’s Michael Ramage details how “Connected” will bring all of Nevada’s working parts together to meet the specific needs of their local communities.

 “We’ve had a lot of different groups up here that have talked today about different programs and different projects. But, one of the things that is so important is to get the entire community thinking about technology and really making it a priority. So, why do we look at it this way? Those questions – the five questions I asked on that slide all get answered by going through this process. Very deliberate, very focused, but it has a lot of flexibility because every community’s different. It’s really a framework and that’s the way I like to think about it. That it’s a framework for the planning to take place.”

Connect Nevada research shows more than 650,000 adults don’t have home Internet service in Nevada. The Connected program begins with a detailed community technology assessment. Anyone wanting to bring the program to their area can visit the Connected section of our website.

Make sure to also check back with to stay up to date on this blog series, and follow Connect Nevada on Facebook and Twitter to get all the latest news on our efforts!


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