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 The Nevada Broadband Task Force & Connect Nevada


The Nevada State Broadband Action Plan

The Nevada Broadband Task Force, with support from Connect Nevada, has developed a statewide broadband action plan.  This plan calls for a continued commitment to broadband adoption, access, and use across the state.

Download the Full Plan

Explore the Plan's Sections:


Learn more about the history of Connect Nevada and the Broadband Task Force's work including mapping, provider engagement, business and residential technology assessments, broadband summits, and local planning.




Connected Assessment:

Learn more about the Connected Community process and explore the specific milestones of this innovative program.




State Policy Recommendations:

Explore specific state policy recommendations in four categories, including: Implementation and Governance of Nevada Broadband Policy; Improvement of Broadband Infrastructure Access in Nevada; Accelerating Broadband Adoption Among Nevada Consumers and Businesses; and, Increasing Broadband Utilization in Nevada Among Key Societal Sectors.



Local Broadband Projects and Initiatives:

Explore specifics of locally based technology and broadband initiatives, the support of existing local projects,  and project successes.