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Grant Details

Connect Nevada is funded in part by a U.S. Department of Commerce grant administered by the NTIA State Broadband Initiative (SBI) program. The grant is active through 2014. More details can be found at  Our Nevada NTIA grant is available here.

Project Components 

State Broadband Capacity Building 

Connect Nevada will establish a program in Carson City to administer the program of activities and to facilitate close and regular interaction with key state personnel.  It will also serve as a "one-stop" for statewide broadband activities, assessments, and practices, and will coordinate broadband activities across various agencies and organizations under a unifying vision established by the Nevada Broadband Task Force.  The State Program Manager will administer the program of work under the direction and guidance of the Nevada Broadband Task Force.


Technical Assistance 

Connect Nevada will gather and present research to local communities, government, and non-profit offices and agencies.  This research will provide a level of accountability by documenting and communicating progress against goals as established by the state strategic plan.  This information can then be applied at the local level of detail by area planning teams in Nevada who can assist in developing local adoption initiatives that will target the barriers that are unique to that area.  The programmatic design, survey results, and resulting analysis will be peer reviewed.  Finally, Connect Nevada and the Task Force, in conjunction with the local technology planning teams and the other key state agencies, will host an open forum and present a unified front on broadband decisions in the form of a broadband summit.   This will provide a means to gather and discuss broadband accomplishments, best practices, and to identify areas of need in the overall Nevada broadband plan. 

Local Regional Technology Planning Teams

This component will support local/regional planning teams in the 14 counties with the lowest rates of broadband availability and adoption.  The teams will meet on a regular basis and will be composed of volunteers representing a cross-section of the community.  Connect Nevada will facilitate the local planning process. The local planning process will work in parallel with and complement the work of other federally-funded projects in the state.

Data Collection, Integration and Validation

This component was originally funded for broadband planning activities and two years of data collection. In September of 2010, this grant was amended to extend data collection activities for an additional three years and to identify and implement best practices.