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Expanding broadband access across Nevada is one of the most important economic investments we can make in our state. Broadband infrastructure projects create jobs for hard-working Nevadans and provide better access to services. Improving connectivity can link Nevada universities and K-12 schools and further promote research and education. Broadband access also provides Nevadans with other important opportunities such as distance education, telemedicine instruction and economic development. Investing in broadband connectivity is a crucial step we can take toward strengthening the economy of rural Nevada.


Sen. Harry Reid
Majority Leader
(D) Nevada

In today’s digital world, being connected to the Internet is critical to preserving and improving lifestyle. Whether you live in a rural or urban area, high-speed Internet enables access to quality jobs, information, and vital services ranging from interactive telemedicine to higher education. Broadband gives you the opportunity to work from home, take online classes, and market your products - all of which have a positive impact on the local economy. Yet, for thousands of Nevada residents, affordable access to high-speed Internet is still not available.

Daphne DeLeon, Chairperson
Governor’s Nevada Broadband
Task Force & Nevada State Librarian

Broadband connectivity is a significant factor in the successful implementation of health information technology statewide. It is vital for enabling the electronic exchange of health information between healthcare providers and facilities, for more efficient delivery of safe, quality care. The results of Connect Nevada’s research will be a key resource as the state of Nevada develops its health information exchange infrastructure.

Lynn O’Mara, Coordinator
State Health Information Technology

Let me tell you briefly about how innovation will also help drive change in broadband technology, the gaming industry, renewable energy, and the state’s infrastructure needs. We must continue to drive investment in broadband technology that fast-tracks job growth and provides a platform for spurring innovation across our state. My budget includes $3 million to help residents of rural Nevada use broadband access to start and grow businesses, or telecommute to anywhere in the world. These improved broadband connections will also allow the electronic exchange of health information between providers and hospitals to improve the quality of care.

Governor Brian Sandoval
State of the State Address
January 24, 2011